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If you are a visual producer and need unique AFFORDABLE music and lyrical songs for your  productions, please consider joining Small Uses and placing your requests in our call sheet.

Producers list their specific request in our direct email newsletter. If a musician has the appropriate material, they may send ONE piece of music (you may ask for more, if you like the first).  You may request any format for delivery, or you may ask for links to the music.  This will save you HOURS of combing through music that has nothing to do with your needs! 

Once you hear something you like, and wish to license it, no problem!  When a musician pitches your request, they have already agreed to your price! 

As a producer-member, you are agreeing that you will pay for each piece of music you license; and you will ask for no rights to it, except the one-time right to use the music in a specific production. (If you wish to use it in another production, you simply request another license for it.)

A minimum $5 payment to the musician is required, if you use their music; but you may set your own budget.  Obviously, an offering of $125 will bring in more quality responses than $5, but you will be surprised at the quality of most submissions at any price offered.  We have a very deep membership of professional musicians and writers, and they are interested in getting uses in visuals.